The Dailies

Poems by John Gilgun
For over ten years the celebrated poet and teacher John Gilgun
has written a poem a day. The poems have made their way
into the in-boxes of poetry lovers around the world.
VRZHU PRESS is delighted to publish The Dailies,
a sampling from Gilgun's poetic discipline of
encountering the world and capturing it on the page.



Ed Madden
"Forget luminosity," says John Gilgun, offering instead a series of dark though often dazzling meditations on the beauty and "superlative squalor" of modern America. Whether imagining sex with Jesus (or Hamlet), arguing politics with David Wojnarowicz, or finding a Zen beauty in crows and road kill, John Gilgun's The Dailies is quirky, irreverent, and lively--and filled with those moments of truth we need."

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A Poetry Mutual production.

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